Drinking Alcohol After Exercise: What Do you Think Would Happen?

After doing your workout at the gym, do you think having an alcohol drink is a good reward for yourself? Let’s see!

One of your goal why you are doing an exercise is to become stronger, get more energy and getting fit. Our body needs carbohydrates to rebuild every after exercise. Now, how alcohol ruins your exercise? Alcohol will flow down going to your stomach and small intestines and get absorbed into its bloodstream. As well as it will move to your liver where enzymes break it down. Being said, it will prevent needed carb replenishment and then you feel drained.
What more?

Alcohol Afte ExerciseYou are trying to exercise hard to lose weight but alcohol causes weight gain. How? Alcohol can increase your body fats. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram which is less than fat (9 calories per gram) but more than protein or carbohydrates (4 calories per gram). When you drink alcohol, you are adding calories without adding any nutrients.

Let me tell you one thing, my sister also trying to lose weight. Yeah she thrice fatter than me. (Sorry sis LOL) but I only got it now why she never loses weight despite from all those work out she was doing. Well, she was only drinking a protein drink and sometimes and energy bar after a workout. Based on my research, these kind of drinks will ruin your plan. Why? Because once you drink it after exercise, the body processes the alcohol first in the liver and next to our body tissues. The good calories from those proteins are put on hold while your body burns the alcohol instead. Good calories not burned right away can turn to just plain fat.

So may I ask you? Should You Drink After Exercise?

But let me confuse you a bit, do you know a study, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, described heavy drinkers as those who drink more than 76 drinks a week (men) and 46 drinks per week (women). Heavy drinkers exercised an average of 20 minutes longer per week than their teetotaller counterparts. Moderate drinkers (30-75 drinks for men, 15-45 for women) exercised, on average, 10 minutes longer per week than abstainers.

So what does this all mean?


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