Six chemicals we consume in our food and drink that should be banned

One author from GUARDIAN posted an article about his thoughts regarding the article that has been posted at BUZZFEED about 8 additives foods that should be banned in the U.S

Dr Mark Lorch the author, thinks that BUZZFEED missed the six deadly chemicals and should be banned too in the U.S.

Below is his list of foods, drinks and other kitchen terrors that he thinks that BuzzFeed might just as easily have mentioned.


E numbers are bad, we all know that. And E290 is no exception. It sneaks its way into fizzy drinks, bread and even your homemade cakes.


With a name like 8-methyl-Nvannillyl-6-nonenamide it’s bound to be a baddie. If you want more evidence of its unpleasantness then you may like to know that it is used by the police to control rioters.

Denatured protein

You might not know this but Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and CJD (the human version of mad cow disease) are all caused by proteins that have misfolded.


Fruit juice contains a chemical, DHMO, that is also produced by rocket engines.

Remember the Hindenburg disaster? The chemical reaction that destroyed the airship also produced DHMO.


What do you think makes salty snacks so appealing? Nothing other than a delicious mix of a chemical warfare agent used in the trenches of the first world war and an explosive metal.


Got any green glassware in the house? Well then RUN FOR THE HILLS! There’s a good chance it contains uranium!

I had fun reading all comments from the article which turns out into a good debate. But for you? Will you take the article Less Serious? Or More Serious?

You can read the full article here.


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