Was eating halo-halo xD I made this blog just to post random posts so hope you don’t mind. Most of the time boredom strikes me so making blog suddenly came across in my mind. Well, I have to admit when it comes to typing and thinking stories, I am the laziest person in the world but I don’t know why I still prefer to write a blog if ever boredom strike me again. Also, i suck at english..xD, but guess I better give myself a chance don’t you think? Let’s see ;)

I don’t expect lots of visitors since this is only a personal blog but if you ever find yourself here then let me know so I can give you my warmest welcome. One more thing, please let me know if there are some grammar mistakes. Ke, call me a trying hard blogger. There will be no hard feelings. Ahe ^^ 😀 well, thanks in advance.