How You Can Live Your Life Healthy

Living with a healthy lifestyle can make you keep physically lively and you don’t simply get sick. You could do everything if you are actually healthy and active.

So, your concern might be, what are the things that you have to do in order to live a healthy lifestyle?

healthy foodsExercising

Perform basic workouts in the home if you don’t have time to go to the fitness center. Just by going for walks, swimming, running and even dancing you definitely will make your heart healthy as well as your body agile.

Avert Alcohol and Cigarettes as well as Unlawful Drugs

In case you drink alcohol, limit it to 1 drink a day. Consuming more than two drinks each day is shown to result in an adverse impact on health. A few studies have shown that consuming red wine is helpful, however you still should keep it to no more than one drink per day.

Maintain your mind and body clear of dangerous drugs. Street drugs like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, or pain supplements not suggested for you personally are risky to your health.

Nutritious Diet

Eating of healthy foods, could fuel you to last the whole day full of adventures and stresses. In case you become ill this is definitely because your body isn’t obtaining the vital nutrients that is required to ensure that it’s running smoothly.


In case you say you really do not like consuming plain water, then you spend much of your life in a condition of dehydration, which is certainly bad for your health. You must drink between 6-8 cups of water daily. This practice will allow you to feel great as well as have more energy.

Healthy way of life lowers tension into a great extent. It guards you against various illnesses. When you have a healthy and productive life-style, then you definitely feel more confident about yourself.



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Six chemicals we consume in our food and drink that should be banned

One author from GUARDIAN posted an article about his thoughts regarding the article that has been posted at BUZZFEED about 8 additives foods that should be banned in the U.S

Dr Mark Lorch the author, thinks that BUZZFEED missed the six deadly chemicals and should be banned too in the U.S.

Below is his list of foods, drinks and other kitchen terrors that he thinks that BuzzFeed might just as easily have mentioned.


E numbers are bad, we all know that. And E290 is no exception. It sneaks its way into fizzy drinks, bread and even your homemade cakes.


With a name like 8-methyl-Nvannillyl-6-nonenamide it’s bound to be a baddie. If you want more evidence of its unpleasantness then you may like to know that it is used by the police to control rioters.

Denatured protein

You might not know this but Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and CJD (the human version of mad cow disease) are all caused by proteins that have misfolded.


Fruit juice contains a chemical, DHMO, that is also produced by rocket engines.

Remember the Hindenburg disaster? The chemical reaction that destroyed the airship also produced DHMO.


What do you think makes salty snacks so appealing? Nothing other than a delicious mix of a chemical warfare agent used in the trenches of the first world war and an explosive metal.


Got any green glassware in the house? Well then RUN FOR THE HILLS! There’s a good chance it contains uranium!

I had fun reading all comments from the article which turns out into a good debate. But for you? Will you take the article Less Serious? Or More Serious?

You can read the full article here.

Internet And Computer Addiction

Internet Addiction

Source: Weblo

Who’s an internet addict here? Or always spend their whole day in front of  their laptop  and so busy leveling their online game character? xD

Well, -cough cough- I am one of you. In fact I always found myself facing my monitor almost 16 hours a day.  8 hours for work (yeah I am a virtual assistant), 5 hours will be spent for leveling up my online game character, and the remaining 3 hours will be spent for social networking sites.

Hmmm, let’s get back to the original topic. xD

Let me ask you. Have you noticed that you are already more comfortable talking with your online friends than the real ones? Or can’t you stop yourself from playing online games or from compulsively surfing? Well that’s the sign of Internet addiction.

Internet addiction covers a variety impulse-control problem. This includes the following:

  • Cybersex Addiction – compulsive use of Internet pornography, adult chat rooms, or adult fantasy role-play sites impacting negatively on real-life intimate relationships.
  • Cyber-Relationship Addiction – addiction to social networking, chat rooms, and messaging to the point where virtual, online friends become more important than real-life relationships with family and friends.
  • Net Compulsions – such as compulsive online gaming, gambling, stock trading, or compulsive use of online auction sites such as eBay, often resulting in financial and job-related problems.
  • Information Overload – compulsive web surfing or database searching, leading to lower work productivity and less social interaction with family and friends.
  • Computer Addiction – obsessive playing of off-line computer games, such as Solitaire or Minesweeper, or obsessive computer programming.

Source:  HelpGuide.Org

 What is the most common internet addiction?

It is the Cybersex and Pornography. It is the kind of addiction where you spend several hours viewing pornography which includes sex videos, porn photos and using your webcam and having a cam to cam sex. Sexting online could be one of them too.

Are you one of them?

So how to deal with these addictions?

Tips for dealing with Internet addiction:

  • Ask yourself, “What am I missing out on when I spend so much time on the Internet?” Write down these activities and decrease your Internet time to pursue some of them.
  • Set reasonable Internet use goals and stick to them. Take frequent breaks, at least 5 minutes each hour, and do some other activity.
  • Alter your routine to break your usage patterns. If you spend evenings on the Internet, start limiting your use to mornings.
  • Seek out friends and acquaintances who “couldn’t care less” about the Internet. Take time to appreciate the fact that all life is not yet online.
  • Stay connected to the offline world. Visit newsstands, book and music stores, and participate in entertainment such as museums, music, and live theater. Novels and poetry readings are hard to experience online.
  • Treat the Internet as a tool. Stay focused on the fact that the Internet is a means to an end. Plan your strategy—whether you’re looking for information or entertainment—with the end in mind and you’ll save valuable time.

Source: University of California, San Francisco

So be honest? Which kind of internet addiction you belong to?

By the way before I’ll end this topic, let me share this awesome video that says

“The internet is good for lots of things, and it should be celebrated. But the best thing we can do for our minds is to find some time every day to unplug, calm down, and focus on one thing at a time.”

Drinking Alcohol After Exercise: What Do you Think Would Happen?

After doing your workout at the gym, do you think having an alcohol drink is a good reward for yourself? Let’s see!

One of your goal why you are doing an exercise is to become stronger, get more energy and getting fit. Our body needs carbohydrates to rebuild every after exercise. Now, how alcohol ruins your exercise? Alcohol will flow down going to your stomach and small intestines and get absorbed into its bloodstream. As well as it will move to your liver where enzymes break it down. Being said, it will prevent needed carb replenishment and then you feel drained.
What more?

Alcohol Afte ExerciseYou are trying to exercise hard to lose weight but alcohol causes weight gain. How? Alcohol can increase your body fats. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram which is less than fat (9 calories per gram) but more than protein or carbohydrates (4 calories per gram). When you drink alcohol, you are adding calories without adding any nutrients.

Let me tell you one thing, my sister also trying to lose weight. Yeah she thrice fatter than me. (Sorry sis LOL) but I only got it now why she never loses weight despite from all those work out she was doing. Well, she was only drinking a protein drink and sometimes and energy bar after a workout. Based on my research, these kind of drinks will ruin your plan. Why? Because once you drink it after exercise, the body processes the alcohol first in the liver and next to our body tissues. The good calories from those proteins are put on hold while your body burns the alcohol instead. Good calories not burned right away can turn to just plain fat.

So may I ask you? Should You Drink After Exercise?

But let me confuse you a bit, do you know a study, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, described heavy drinkers as those who drink more than 76 drinks a week (men) and 46 drinks per week (women). Heavy drinkers exercised an average of 20 minutes longer per week than their teetotaller counterparts. Moderate drinkers (30-75 drinks for men, 15-45 for women) exercised, on average, 10 minutes longer per week than abstainers.

So what does this all mean?