Dream Come True: Hongkong Disneyland

It’s been a long time since I’m gone. Well, I am back and let me have this post as my first post for the year 2014. Oh~ this is a dream come true. One of my childhood dreams is to visit Hongkong Disneyland and thanks God, He let me achieved this dream.

If you’re bored and got nothing to do, just check my gallery. I know nothing is interesting about this post but just let me post this. Haha. 😀

When I close my eyes,
You sent me away
On an adventure,
My dream, the wishes,
I couldn’t accomplish when awake.

Now is the time they could be done,
My heart’s desire becomes clear,
Now they can be done,
With no one to stop me.

I can finally do whatever I wish,
Now to the very end,
My dream would be the opening,
To the land where wishes come true,
Mine and none others.