Why, Mommy? Why?

I just saw this very sad poem from google+ posted by my friend Johanna. Since I very liked it so let me re-post it to my blog -sigh- D: suddenly misses my mom and dad.

why mommy why?

Photo Attribution: notesfromthetrenches.com

Why, Mommy? Why?
Why don’t we say I Love You anymore?
Why does Daddy hit you when he gets home?
Why does he make us go to bed
With no dinner, bedtime story, or kiss goodnight?
Why is he away so much
And comes home walking and talking funny?
Why does he get madder when you try to keep him from hitting us?
Why, Mommy? Why?

Why, Mommy? Why?
Why do we say we love each other when we don’t?
Why does Daddy kiss you when he gets home, and then yell the rest of the night?
Why do we eat “cheerful” meals together
While Daddy says he’ll hurt us?
Why does he come home each night
To drink the alcohol that’s been drawing me in?
Why don’t you try to protect us? Why were you never there for me?
Why, Mommy?